I have 30 years’ experience from research in animal breeding and genetics, and has been involved in aquaculture research since 1997 in Nofima and the former AKVAFORSK. In 2005, I was appointed as Adjunct Professor at the Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), where I still lecture, and supervise postgraduate MSc and PhD students in animal breeding and genetics. I have lead numerous projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council, and has participated in three EU projects as task or WP leader (Genimpact and Eurocarp) and coordinator (OrAqua). Approximately 40 peer review articles have been published in international journals in addition to more than 10 book chapters or books. The majority of the publications are on aquaculture genetics (genetic parameters, selection strategies, genetic disease resistance and
breeding objective), but for the last decade several articles have dealt with access and rights to genetic resources and adoption of breeding technologies as well as fish welfare and organic aquaculture (e.g. social interactions, consumer attitudes, willingness to pay, regulations).
I have participated in numerous national and international committees and boards (e.g. National board of animal ethics and national committees of farm animal genetic resources ), Expert group for the 4th SCAR Foresight exercise appointed by the European Commission (2014-2015)). I am currently a vise chair of the Advisory Working Group on Aquatic Genetic resources of the Commission of Fisheries in FAO.

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