Publisert 2022

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Publikasjonstype : Rapport

Bidragsytere : Francesco, Gai; Rieder, Anne; Rødbotten, Rune

Antall sider : 13



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Kjetil Aune


Deliverable (3.4) reports the meat composition preliminary results obtained from the second in vivo trials performed on Bianca di Saluzzo chickens, by the UNITO project partner. For this trial, males of Bianca di Saluzzo (BS) breed (slow-growing genotype) were reared for 150 and 180 days. The choice of focusing only on males was made due to the predisposition of BS males to have higher slaughter yields than females, as stated by Bongiorno et al., (2022). Besides chemical composition, such as protein content and pH, physical parameters including drip loss, thaw loss and instrumental tenderness are reported and complemented by analysis of in vitro protein digestibility and content of oxidation products to evaluate potential health implications for human consumption.


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