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Evaluation of Hand-Held Instruments for Representative Determination of Glucose in Potatoes

Helgerud, Trygve; Knutsen, Svein Halvor; Afseth, Nils Kristian; Stene, Kim Frode; Rukke, Elling-Olav; Ballance, Simon


Tidsskrift: Potato Research, 2016

Utgiver: Springer

Internasjonale standardnumre:
Trykt: 0014-3065
Elektronisk: 1871-4528

Open Access: none


In this study, the use of two modern portable blood glucose monitors (PBGMs) and a fruit juice-specific system (RQFlex) from Merck was evaluated for determination of glucose concentrations in potato juice, as a representation of the whole potato. The two PBGMs (LifeScan OneTouch Ultra Easy and Bayer Contour) both provided squared correlation coefficients (R2, p < 0.001) of 0.92, when compared to reference analysis based on Anion Exchange Chromatography (HPAED-PAD).The LifeScan monitor gave an error estimation of 0.54 mg ml−1 but overestimated the glucose concentration by 20%. The Bayer monitor gave an error estimation of 1.12 mg ml−1 and underestimated the glucose concentration by 40%. The RQFlex system outperformed (R2 = 0.96, p < 0.001), error estimation of 0.24 mg mL−1) both the PBGMS, but this system is slightly more labour intensive to use than the PBGMs. A squared correlation coefficient of 0.91, p < 0.001, was found when comparing the glucose concentration in potato juice and content in lyophilized potato, indicating that sampling of potato juice may be introducing uncertainties to the measurements.