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Commbined detection and introgression of QTL in outbred populations

Yazdi, Hossein; Sonesson, Anna Kristina; Woolliams, John A.; Meuwissen, Theodorus


Tidsskrift: Genetics Selection Evolution, vol. 42, p. 10, 2010

Internasjonale standardnumre:
Trykt: 0999-193X
Elektronisk: 1297-9686

Open Access: gold


Conclusions: In general, our results show that it is possible to combine QTL detection and introgression even in outbred species. Separating QTL mapping and introgression processes is often thought to be longer and more costly. However, using a combined process saves at least one generation. With respect to the linkage drag and obligatory drag, the results of the combined detection and introgression scheme are very similar to those of traditional introgression schemes.