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Heterologous protein secretion in lactobacilli with modified pSIP vectors

Karlskås, Ingrid Lea; Maudal, Kristina; Axelsson, Lars; Rud, Ida; Eijsink, Vincent; Mathiesen, Geir


Tidsskrift: PLOS ONE, 2014

Internasjonale standardnumre:
Trykt: 1932-6203
Elektronisk: 1932-6203

Open Access: gold


We describe new variants of the modular pSIP-vectors for inducible gene expression and protein secretion in lactobacilli. The basic functionality of the pSIP system was tested in Lactobacillus strains representing 14 species using pSIP411, which harbors the broad-host-range Lactococcus lactis SH71rep replicon and a β-glucuronidase encoding reporter gene. In 10 species, the inducible gene expression system was functional. Based on these results, three pSIP vectors with different signal peptides were modified by replacing their narrow-host-range L. plantarum 256rep replicon with SH71rep and transformed into strains of five different species of Lactobacillus. All recombinant strains secreted the target protein NucA, albeit with varying production levels and secretion efficiencies. The Lp_3050 derived signal peptide generally resulted in the highest levels of secreted NucA. These modified pSIP vectors are useful tools for engineering a wide variety of Lactobacillus species.