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A comparison of two new take-away strategies and their relation to rating and ranking of extrinsic properties of dry cured ham

Næs, Tormod; Monteleone, Erminio; Segtnan, Anne; Hersleth, Margrethe


Tidsskrift: Food Quality and Preference, vol. 27, p. 63–71–9, 2013

Utgiver: Elsevier

Utgave: 1

Internasjonale standardnumre:
Trykt: 0950-3293
Elektronisk: 1873-6343

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This paper is a study of the relationship between rating, ranking and take-away choices of dry cured ham. Extrinsic attributes related to country of origin, ageing time and price are considered and we study average population results as well as individual differences. Two tests with different sample size and different take-away strategies are explored. The results show that the ranking and rating data provide similar information in both tests. From an average point of view the stated results have also similarities with the take-away results, but with some notable differences. Relatively large individual differences in ranking of the products were observed in the two tests. Another finding in this study is that information about type of meal has a strong effect on the ranks of the products for all responses.