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The combined effect of superchilling and modified atmosphere packaging using CO2 emitter on quality during chilled storage of pre-rigor salmon fillets (Salmo salar)

Hansen, Anlaug Ådland; Mørkøre, Turid; Rudi, Knut; Langsrud, Øyvind; Eie, Thomas


Tidsskrift: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, vol. 89, p. 1625–1633–9, 2009

Utgave: 10

Internasjonale standardnumre:
Trykt: 0022-5142
Elektronisk: 1097-0010

Open Access: none


CONCLUSION: Combining short-term superchilling and MAP with a CO2 emitter prolonged the shelf-life of pre-rigor salmon fillets, which can improve sustainability throughout the value chain. The superchilling method needs to be optimized to avoid negative effects on texture and liquid loss. (C) 2009 Society of Chemical Industry