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Increased broiler muscle carnosine and anserine following histidine supplementation of commercial broiler feed concentrate

Haug, Anna; Rødbotten, Rune; Mydland, Liv Torunn; Christophersen, Olav Albert


Tidsskrift: Acta agriculturae Scandinavica. Section A, Animal science, vol. 58, p. 71–77–7, 2008

Utgiver: Taylor & Francis

Utgave: 2

Internasjonale standardnumre:
Trykt: 0906-4702
Elektronisk: 1651-1972

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A feeding experiment involving histidine supplementation to broiler feed resulted in increased concentration of the histidine containing dipeptides anserine and carnosine in broiler breast muscle. Supplementation with 1 g histidine per kg feed gave a 64% increase in carnosine, and about 10% increase in anserine in the muscle. The standard broiler feed concentrate now in use in Norway seems to contain less histidine than what may be needed for optimal synthesis of carnosine and anserine. These dipeptides have important roles as antioxidants, pH buffering agents and anti-glycation agents. They may have important roles in meat for increasing its stability, shelf life and antioxidant capacity, and it might be speculated that broiler meat rich in anserine and carnosine in the future will be considered a type of functional food, having possible health-beneficial effects. Histidine supplementation of standard Norwegian broiler feed concentrate should be considered.