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Publisert 2000

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Tidsskrift : Journal of Fish Diseases , vol. 23 , p. 15–18–4 , 2000

Utgiver : Blackwell Publishing

Internasjonale standardnummer :
Trykt : 0140-7775
Elektronisk : 1365-2761

Publikasjonstype : Vitenskapelig artikkel

Bidragsytere : Rørvik, Kjell-Arne; Skjervold, Per Olav; Fjæra, Svein Olav; Steien, Svein Hallbjørn

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Kjetil Aune


The present study evaluates if abdominal dis-tension caused by a water-filled stomach in seawater farmed rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum), and Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., could be provoked experimentally by live chilling in sea water (0.5 degrees C). Fifty rainbow trout and 50 salmon were visually classified, either as normal or suffering from the condition. Prior to chilling, no rainbow trout or salmon suffered from a water-filled stomach. During chilling, 25% of the rainbow trout and 2.5% of the salmon developed water-filled stomach. Affected rainbow trout had significantly higher blood plasma osmolality and significantly lower body weight than normal trout. The frequency of trout with a water-filled stomach increased significantly with increasing chilling time and increasing plasma osmolality. The regression coefficients revealed that the proportion of affected rainbow trout in-creased by 0.82% h(-1) of chilling and by 0.46% per unit increase in mosmol L-1. The present study revealed that abdominal distension in seawater farmed rainbow trout was far more severe than in Atlantic salmon and could be provoked experimentally by osmoregulatory stress. This is consistent with the observation that water-filled stomach appear only occasionally in seawater farmed Atlantic salmon.