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Carbon Monoxide as a Colorant in Cooked or Fermented Sausages

Sørheim, Oddvin; Langsrud, Øyvind; Cornforth, Daren; Johannessen, Tom Christen; Slinde, Erik; Berg, Per; Nesbakken, Truls


Tidsskrift: Journal of Food Science, vol. 71, p. 549–1, 2006

Utgave: 9

Internasjonale standardnumre:
Trykt: 0022-1147
Elektronisk: 1750-3841

Open Access: none

The study aimed at substituting nitrite with carbon monoxide (CO) in cooked or fermented meat batter products by investigating color and color stability in myoglobin solutions, model meat systems, and full-scale hotdog and salami sausages of pork and beef. For cooked model meat systems and hotdogs at 75 to 80 °C core temperatures, direct flushing with a 1% CO gas mixture during the last stage of the batter chopping produced an initial red color equal to nitrite or more intense than with nitrite. For fermented model meat systems and salami sausages with a final pH of 4.7, pretreatment and storage of ground raw meat in a 1% CO mixture, and later use of the pretreated meat in batters, also formed an initial red color in the final products. The color stability during air and light display of cooked and fermented meat products with CO was inadequate compared to products with nitrite, although the red color of CO products was largely maintained by anaerobic packaging and storage. Spectra of carboxy- and nitrosomyoglobin at pH 4.7 demonstrated higher absorbance for carboxymyoglobin.