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Fruit fillings development: A multiparametric approach

Agudelo, Alejandra; Varela-Tomasco, Paula; Fiszman, Susana


Tidsskrift: Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + Technologie, vol. 61, p. 564–572, 2015

Utgiver: Academic Press

Utgave: 2

Internasjonale standardnumre:
Trykt: 0023-6438
Elektronisk: 1096-1127

Open Access: none


Fruit fillings were formulated with native tapioca starch (TS), modified waxy corn starch and a mixed system of TS plus low-methoxyl pectin, two quantity of fruit and replacement of sucrose with polydextrose and intense sweeteners.

The twelve formulations were characterized with quantitative descriptive analysis and rheological and extrusion tests. Overall liking (OL) and liking of some sensory attributes were evaluated with a consumer panel (n = 100). The right level of the consistency, sweetness, acidity, and fruit flavour of each sample was evaluated with “just-about right” scales and analysed by Penalty Analysis. Hierarchical cluster analysis was applied to detect consumer groups with different preference profiles. Three clusters were found: one cluster did not like intense sweeteners; another, preferred the characteristics of the TS samples, and the third cluster did not show marked tendencies, suggesting that formulations should be adapted to each scenario.