Publisert 2009

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Utgiver : Nofima AS

Internasjonale standardnummer :
Trykt : 978-82-7251-683-2

Publikasjonstype : Nofimas rapportserie

Bidragsytere : Donnelly, Kathryn Anne-Marie; Karlsen, Kine Mari; Olsen, Petter

Serier : Nofima rapportserie 19/2009

År : 2009

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Kjetil Aune


This report gives a brief overview of available information on the use of identifications (ID’s) in traceability systems. The main points arising form this analysis are: • Standardisation (such as standards published by the international organisation for standardisation (ISO)) is important for the success of a cross sector project. • GS1’s standards are widely referred to and suggested for use in many countries, often in combination with another national identification system. • Databases and systems should be able to adapt and cope with future demands and expectations. • Multiple sectors have many inter-connected databases which need to be integrated with the eventual introduction of a national database. • The owners/managers of the national database should be a ‘not for profit’ organisation with a constitution which recognises the need problems associated with privacy and commercial interests.