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Sensory and chemical changes in Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon wines during storage in bottles at different temperatures

Sivertsen, Hanne Kristine; Figenschou, Erik; Nicolaysen, Frithjof; Risvik, Einar


Tidsskrift: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, vol. 81, p. 1561–1572, 2001

Utgave: 15

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Trykt: 0022-5142
Elektronisk: 1097-0010

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Two Chilean wines made from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape were stored in bottles at four different temperatures for a period of 44 months. During storage they were evaluated by sensory descriptive and chemical analyses. Different sensory profiles were obtained for the wines stored at the different temperatures. Smaller differences were found in the profiles of the two wines stored at the same temperatures. Wines were stored at different temperatures to determine if it was possible to predict the shelf-life of wines stored at optimal temperatures. This was not achieved in this study. Partial least squares regression was used to examine possible relationships between the chemical and sensory descriptive data. (C) 2001 Society of Chemical Industry.