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Stress relaxation test for monitoring post mortem textural changes of ice-stored cod (Gadus morhua L.)

Herrero, A; Heia, Karsten; Careche, M.


Tidsskrift: Journal of Food Science, vol. 69, 2004

Utgave: 4

Internasjonale standardnumre:
Trykt: 0022-1147
Elektronisk: 1750-3841

Open Access: none


The possibilities of using the stress relaxation test as a nondestructive method to monitor post-mortem textural changes of ice-stored cod have been evaluated. The stress relaxation tests were performed in gutted cod. Fish were compressed by 5% and deformation was kept constant for 60 s. The relaxation curves obtained were fitted to nonlinear and linear regression models. Nonlinear regressions with 2 or 3 exponential terms and the linear regression model could be fitted to the relaxation curve of ice-stored cod, although the three-terms exponential models gave the best results for assessing the quality of ice-stored cod (maximum relative difference ltoreq 2% and R2 > 0.999). The highest differences were found between pre-rigor and in-rigor states.