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Quantification of fat deposits and fat distribution in Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.) using computerised X-ray tomography (CT)

Kolstad, Kari; Vegusdal, Anne; Bæverfjord, Grete; Einen, Olai


Tidsskrift: Aquaculture, vol. 229, p. 255–264, 2004

Utgiver: Elsevier

Internasjonale standardnumre:
Trykt: 0044-8486
Elektronisk: 1873-5622

Open Access: none


Fifty adult 1–8 kg Atlantic halibut were subjected to computerised X-ray tomography (CT) to evaluate CT as a non-destructive measure of relative size of fat deposits and lean tissue, and to estimate fat content. Preliminary examinations of dissected tissues showed a clear separation and no overlap in CT values for pure fat deposits and lean tissue. The estimated proportions of fat deposits and lean tissue (area%) varied significantly between five CT-scans collected in the longitudinal direction of the halibut, and the scan across the longitudinal mid-line was considered to be the most relevant for the whole halibut fillet. Fat percentage of a cutlet determined after ethyl acetate extraction correlated well (r2=0.85, P<0.001) with CT measured fat deposit area (%), which shows that CT can be used as a non-destructive method to predict fat content in halibut.