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Effects of country of origin on consumer preference of smoked salmon collected in a French hypermarket

Rørå, Anna Maria Bencze; Monfort, M. C.; Espe, Marit


Tidsskrift: Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology, vol. 13, p. 69–85, 2004

Utgiver: Haworth Press

Utgave: 1

Internasjonale standardnumre:
Trykt: 1049-8850
Elektronisk: 1547-0636

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Packages of cold smoked Atlantic salmon were sampled in a French hypermarket every second month for one year. At each sampling time vacuum packed sliced salmon originally from aquacultured fish grown in Norway, Scotland, and Ireland, but smoked at the same French smokehouse, were collected. The samples were analyzed for quality traits like color, chemical composition, texture and liquid holding capacity and a consumer test was performed. The shelf life and the appearance of the fish was the most important purchase criterion when choosing a package of cold-smoked salmon in the shop. The respondents detected a sensory difference due to the origin of the fish, but there were no significant preferences according to country of origin of the fish.