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Benefiting from Commissioned Research: The Role of Researcher - Client Cooperation

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Kjetil Aune


Creativity and Innovation Management ; Volume 11. p. 88–97. 2002

Sogn-Grundvåg, Geir; Grønhaug, Kjell; Bjørklund, Oddrun

This paper discusses why commissioned research is often neglected and misunderstood, as well as how its use can be enhanced. We argue that the lack of use of such research can be attributed to differences in researchers’ and practitioners’ knowledge and expectations regarding research problems, solutions, interpretations, and applications. Two hypotheses are proposed, which link the use of research to cooperation between researchers and users during the production of the research, and to assistance in interpreting and applying the research results. The hypotheses were tested on a sample of 65 buyers of 86 research projects in the seafood industry. The reported findings reveal that collaboration fosters research utilisation, but also that close cooperation between the providers and the users of research may substitute assistance in enhancing research utilisation.

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