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Gastrointestinal passage rate in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) fed dry or soaked feed. A CREATE project

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Kjetil Aune


Tromsø: Nofima 2013 (ISBN 978-82-8296-121-9) 27, p. Nofima rapportserie (38/2013)

Aas, Turid Synnøve; Ytrestøyl, Trine; Hatlen, Bjarne; Sixten, Hanne Jorun; Hillestad, Marie; Åsgård, Torbjørn Einar

Atlantic salmon was fed a commercial-like diet either as is (92% dry matter) or soaked for 2 h in sea water prior to feeding (70% dry matter). The salmon showed large individual variation in gastrointestinal passage rate and few significant differences between the two diets were revealed. However, the soaked feed resulted in a significantly higher gastric evacuation rate than the dry diet.

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