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Traceability of chicken – Specifications of the information to be recorded at chicken slaughter/processing establish-ments and other links in chicken distribution chains

Donnelly, Kathryn Anne-Marie; van der Roest, Joop; Karlsen, Kine Mari; Olsen, Petter


Utgiver: Nofima AS

Utgave: 24/2008

Antall sider: 43

Internasjonale standardnumre:
Trykt: 978-82-7251-655-9

Open Access: green


This ad-hoc standard has been created as part of the EU project ‘Trace the origin of food’ (TRACE). TRACE aims to develop generic and sector-specific traceability systems for use in the food industry. This ‘ad-hoc standard’ forms part of the work undertaken on chicken. This standard is a specification of the information to be recorded in one link, the chicken processors, in chicken distribution chains in order to achieve traceability.