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Rapport/Report 12/2003 English summary

Joensen, Sjurdur; Olsen, Jan-Vidar

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Publisher: Nofima AS (tidligere Fiskeriforskning)

Issue: 12/2003

Number of pages: 14

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 82-7251-522-9

Open Access: green


The aim of this project was to test two principles for skinning haddock in order to obtain less fillet gaping. There were used haddock stored on ice from 2 to 7 days. Baader 184 was used for filleting. Baader 51 and Trio FDS 105 were used in the skinning process.
The results showed that fillet gaping increased during filleting and after skinning using both principles. Intensity of fillet gaping increased while storing on ice. Comparing these two skinning principles the gaping was increased by using the FDS 105 skinning machine from Trio compared to Baader 51. By using Trio FDS 105 the yield was lower and the intensity of remaining skin on the fillet increased.
Gaping occur more frequently in fillets from small fishes. Bigger haddock had less gaping than smaller haddock.