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Rapport/Report 15/2007 English summary

Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Dale, Trine; Carlehøg, Mats

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Publisher: Nofima AS (tidligere Fiskeriforskning)

Issue: 15/2007

Number of pages: 15

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Printed: 978-82-7251-620-7

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In the last years, attempts have been made to develop a whelk fishery on the Norwegian cost. The common whelk, B. undatum, is a neogastropod mollusc and a common subtidal species in the northern Atlantic. Whelks can live between low water and depths greater than 1000 m and have been recorded on most substrata. The main diet of the whelk is a mixture of bivalves and polycheates. In this project, the emphasis was on live storage whelk at different temperature and look at the effects on survival and quality. The whelk was live storage for 80 days at three different constant temperature regimes ( 4, 10 and 15 °C). The mortality was low in all groups during experimental period , and only 2% died in the high temperature group who had the highest mortality. Muscle index was significant lower in the high temperature group compared with other groups. Except for lower muscle content storage had little effect on sensorial quality of the whelk.