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Rapport/Report 23/2014 English Summary

Lindberg, Diana; Myrnes, Bjørnar; Arnesen, Jan Arne; Øverbø, Kersti

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Publisher: Nofima

Issue: 23/2014

Number of pages: 17

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 978-82-8296-194-3

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Within the project HerrZyme, a partly purified esterase activity stemming from herring by-products has been investigated from a commercial perspective. The activity shows good durability to prolonged incubations between pH 4.8 and pH 12.0, but not to prolonged incubations at temperatures over 45 °C. 30% of maximum activity is retained at 10°C, suggesting a cold-adapted enzyme. In spite of considerable effort being put into purifying and sequencing the enzyme, together with the establishing of a number of enzyme assays to find activity with natural esterase compounds, the true nature of this esterase activity remains to be solved.