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Rapport/Report 28/2014 English Summary

Borch, Trude Kristin; Svorken, Marianne

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Publisher: Nofima

Issue: 28/2014

Number of pages: 37

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Printed: 978-82-8296-204-9

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The variation in profitability among fishing tourism businesses in Northern Norway is high. Because of the diversity among these businesses it is difficult to draw any concrete conclusions about what factors that influence profitability. However, we find that it seems to be an advantage if these enterprises offer around 4 beds per rental boat and that the most profitable operators have a share of their turnover from fishing tourism in the range 30-50 %. A turnover from fishing tourism in this range implies that these businesses also have income from other types of tourism, lengthening their season and utilizing their facilities in a better way. (Income from activities like skiing and northern lights safaris). From our study we also find that the share of firms that are unprofitable is higher in Finnmark county than in Nordland and Troms. As Finnmark is further away from important European fishing tourism markets we also highlight geographical localization as an important factor for the degree of profitability in these operations.