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Targeted focus and big ambitions

Nofima is investing over NOK 8 million kroner a year of its internal funds to develop cutting-edge expertise in selected research fields. The goals for this initiative are both bold and ambitious: Nofima Food Research Institute shall be commercially useful, relevant, innovative, and at the forefront of international research within spectroscopy technology and peptide technology.


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Algae may replace fish oil in salmon feed

Fish oil is an ideal source of omega-3 in salmon feed, but the capacity to produce farmed salmon using fish oil as the main source of omega-3 in feed is limited, if the farmed salmon itself is to remain a rich source of omega-3. This means that the salmon feed industry needs access to large volumes of new ingredients that contain omega-3. Experiments at Nofima have shown that a type of algae known as “heterotrophic algae” can fully replace fish oil in feed used for small salmon.


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Salmon parr tolerate more ammonia in the water than expected

More and more farmed salmon will have their early life in recirculating aquaculture systems. The most common production method to date in Norway has been flow-through systems, in which the water only passes the fish tank once. The recirculated water contains some ammonia which is excreted via the gills of the fish. “Today’s recommended limit of how much ammonia the salmon can tolerate is probably not adapted to the smolt production of the future,” the scientist says.



AQUAEXCEL skal gi det europeiske forskningsfellesskapet en plattform av førsteklasses infrastruktur, som effektivt kan tilby verktøy til å håndtere de sammensatte utfordringene som akvakultur møter. Nofimas forskningsfasiliteter på Sunndalsøra og Tromsø er del av denne infrastrukturen.


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