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Comparison of methods for transfer of calibration models in near-infared spectroscopy: A case study based on correcting path length differences using fiber-optic transmittance probes in in-line near-infrared Spectroscopy

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Kjetil Aune


Applied Spectroscopy ; Volume 59. p. 487–495. 2005

Sahni, Narinder Singh; Isaksson, Tomas; Næs, Tormod

This article addresses problems related to transfer of calibration models due to variations in distance between the transmittance fiber-optic probes. The data have been generated using a mixture design and measured at five different probe distances. A number of techniques reported in the literature have been compared. These include multiplicative scatter correction (MSC), path length correction (PLC), finite impulse response (FIR), orthogonal signal correction (OSC), piecewise direct standardization (PDS), and robust calibration. The quality of the predictions was expressed in terms of root mean square error of prediction (RMSEP). Robust calibration gave good calibration transfer results, while the other methods did not give acceptable results.