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Sensory, Histological, and Bacteriological Changes in Flat Oysters, Ostrea edulis L., during Different Storage Conditions

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Kjetil Aune


Journal of Food Science ; Volume 69. p. 205–210. 2004

Aaraas, Ragnhild; Hernar, I.J; Skuland, Aase Vorre; Bergslien, Helge; Lunestad, Bjørn-Tore; Lunestad, Bjørn Tore; Skeie, Siv B.; Slinde, Erik; Mortensen, Stein

Flat oysters, Ostrea edulis, were emersed and stored for 23 d in freshwater ice and cold stored without ice. A control group was maintained in running seawater. Death, histological changes, bacterial growth, and changes in sensory profile were measured and described. Death of the oysters could be determined by measuring tissue pH. The sensory profiles of iced and cold-stored oysters were significantly different from the controls, and changes in sensory profile correlated with the appearance of spoilage bacteria and degradation of digestive tissues. Changes were most pronounced in iced specimens. Freshness of the oysters was correlated to the smell of sea, fresh fish, and shellfish and the appearance of the mantle.