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The impact of extrusion parameters on physicochemical, nutritional and sensorial properties of expanded snacks from pea and oat fractions

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Kjetil Aune


Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + Technologie ; Volume 112. p. 1–12. 2019

do Carmo, Cátia Saldanha; Varela, Paula; Poudroux, Claire; Poudroux, Claire; Dessev, Tzvetelin; Myhrer, Kristine S.; Rieder, Anne; Zobel, Hanne; Sahlstrøm, Stefan; Knutsen, Svein Halvor

The objective of this study was to explore the production of an expanded snack entirely based on pea- and oatrich fractions using the extrusion technology. The effect of the die temperature, HZ6 (146–175 °C) and blend moisture content, MC (11.2 and 16.8% dry basis) were investigated aiming at maximizing expansion, while obtaining a good texture and pleasant sensory perception. The best response was obtained with a HZ6 of 160 °C and MC of 11.2%. MC was the parameter that most influenced final extrudate properties/responses. The gross composition of the raw-material was not modified by extrusion processing apart from a decrease in glucose and fructose content attributed to Maillard reactions. The snacks contained 3.5 g of β-glucan per portion. This is high enough for both approved EFSA health claims: lowers cholesterol and reduces post-prandial glucose response.

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