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Development of Intrinsic Fluorescent Multispectral Imagery Specific for Fat, Connective Tissue, and Myofibers in Meat

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Kjetil Aune


Journal of Food Science ; Volume 68. p. 1161–1168. 2003

Skjervold, Per Olav; Wold, Jens-Petter; Taylor, R. G.; Berge, P; Abouelkaram, Said; Culioli, J; Dufour, E

Intrinsic fluorescent properties of muscle tissue were evaluated in order to characterize the different structural components of meat. The combinations of excitation and emission wavelengths showing the best ability to distinguish the 3 components were 290/332 nm for myofiber, 322/440 (or 322/405) nm for fat, and 380/440 nm for connective tissue. Sample orientation and the mincing of meat samples affected fluorescent amplitudes but not the overall shape of the spectra. These emission spectra of meat components were used to make multispectral images to determine whether the 3 components could be distinguished. The results show that autofluorescence can be used for selective visualization of fat, fiber, and connective tissue on digitized images of meat.

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