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Liquid Holding Capacity of Farmed Atlantic Salmon Muscle at Low Temperature Heating-Effect of Frozen and Ice Storage

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Kjetil Aune


Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology ; Volume 12. p. 17–31. 2003

Rørå, Mia B.; Regost, Christelle

This study evaluates the liquid holding capacity of Atlantic salmon muscle during low temperature heating in relation with freezing and ice storage. A part of each fillet was heated from 5 to 40°C at 5°C intervals using two methods, water bath or heat chamber heating, and different storage conditions. According to the total variation of liquid, water or fat loss, the heating temperature was the major factor affecting the muscle liquid holding capacity, the significant increase beginning at 30°C. No effect of heating method or storage time was observed, whereas a significant increase of water and fat losses were obtained with frozen storage. The liquid loss in the packages, principally water, increased with increasing temperature. No alteration of fatty acid composition was observed during heating.

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