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Use of α-amylase and heat transfer modeling to assess the thermal pasteurization of fried fish burgers

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Kjetil Aune


Journal of food processing and preservation 2014; Volume 38. p. 1547–1555. 2014

Grönqvist, Sonja; Skipnes, Dagbjørn; Ohlsson, Thomas; Rosnes, Jan Thomas

Time–temperature integrators (TTIs) based on inactivation of a-amylase (BAA70) was used for validation of obtained pasteurization values in fish burgers on a complex frying line with two frying units and a hot air tunnel. The target was a pasteurization value of P707.5 = 2, representing 6 log reduction of Listeria monocytogenes. The TTI was calibrated and had a decimal reduction time D70C of 27.2 min and z value of 6.5C. The temperature was measured with thermocouples at different steps in the process and used for validation of a multiphysics computation model. The temperature profile calculated from the model was combined with known inactivation kinetics and the residual α-amylase activity was calculated and compared with actual values of the TTIs placed in the core of the burgers. Our results showed that α-amylase BAA70 can be used as a biochemical TTI to validate a specific minimum pasteurization value for fried fish burgers.

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