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Marine bioactive peptides from digestion and their relation to cardiovascular health promotion

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Kjetil Aune


Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech 2013; Volume 24. p. 36–40. 2013

Jensen, Ida-Johanne; Mæhre, Hanne K; Eilertsen, Karl-Erik

Seafood, such as fish, shellfish and echinoderms, contains substantial amounts of protein, and has been recognized as rich sources of bioactive peptides with great potential as nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. During gastrointestinal digestion, or by enzymatic digestion ex vivo, proteolytic gut enzymes hydrolyze ingested proteins into peptides that may have totally different biological effects compared to the initial protein source. Isolated peptides or crude hydrolysates produced from marine resources have been shown to exhibit antioxidative and antihypertensive properties, both relevant for management and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

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