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Biografi Jawad Sarfraz

With the background in Physical Chemistry, my core competence is within the development and characterization of functional materials and surfaces. My research interest includes printed functionality and development of functional surfaces for antimicrobial, anti-fouling and gas-sensing applications. I have developed printed food sensors and indicators which can be integrated in the food packaging and will allow online monitoring of the quality of food products. My recent activities at Nofima include development of novel active and intelligent packaging concepts.
I have been extensively working in the development and characterization of polymer and metal based functional printable ink formulations. These formulations were applied on engineered surfaces by using various printing (inkjet-printing, flexographic printing and screen-printing) and coating (spin coating, dip coating, and spray coating) techniques and utilized for different applications.In 2015 I obtained my PhD degree from Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland, with the thesis titled,
Development and Characterization of Thin Printed Films for Gas Sensing Applications.
I have a MSc degree in Chemical Engineering, Åbo Akademi University, completed in 2011.

Jawad har 27 vitenskapelige publikasjoner i Cristin:

Sarfraz, J.; Peltonen, Juoko; Ihalainen, Petri; 2019: Inkjet-printed thin films on flexible substrate for electro-optical detection of methylamine gas

Tähkä, Sari; Sarfraz, J.; Urvas, Lauri; Provenzani, Riccardo; Wiedmer, Susanne K.; Peltonen, Jouko; Jokinen, Ville; Sikanen, Tiina; 2019: Immobilization of proteolytic enzymes on replica-molded thiol-ene micropillar reactors via thiol-gold interaction

Sarfraz, J.; Rosqvist, Emil; Ihalainen, Petri; Peltonen, Jouko; 2019: Electro-Optical Gas Sensor Consisting of Nanostructured Paper Coating and an Ultrathin Sensing Element

Nilsen-Nygaard, Julie; Sarfraz, J.; Radusin, Tanja; Pettersen, Marit Kvalvåg; 2019: Replacing conventional laminate material (PA/PE) with recyclable mono-materials (PP, HDPE): A case study on hot dogs

Chirico, Giuseppe; Dacarro, Giacomo; O’Regan, Colm; Peltonen, Jouko; Sarfraz, J.; Taglietti, Angelo; Borzenkov, Mykola; Pallavicini, Piersandro; 2018: Photothermally Responsive Inks for Inkjet‐Printing Secure Information

Sarfraz, J.; Fogde, Anna; Ihalainen, Petri; Peltonen, Jouko; 2018: The performance of inkjet-printed copper acetate based hydrogen sulfide gas sensor on a flexible plastic substrate - varying ink composition and print density

Sarfraz, J.; Borzenkov, M.; Niemela, E.; Weinberger, C.; Torngren, B.; Rosqvist, E.; Collini, M.; Pallavicini, P.; Eriksson, J.; Peltonen, J.; Ihalainen, P.; Chirico, G.; 2018: Photo-thermal and cytotoxic properties of inkjet-printed copper sulfide films on biocompatible latex coated substrates.

Leminen, V.; Sarfraz, J.; Pitkänen, M.; Paunonen, S.; Mielonen, K.; Ovaska, S.; Peltonen, J.; Kainusalmi, M.; Tanninen, P.; Varis, J.; 2017: Trends in Packaging of Local and Organic Food; Packages, Materials, Machinery, Sensors and Indicators

Masood, M.; Weinberger, C.; Sarfraz, J.; Rosqvist, E.; Sandén, S.; Sandberg, O.; Vivo, P.; Smått, J.; 2017: Impact of Film Thickness of Ultrathin Dip-Coated Compact TiO2 Layers on the Performance of Mesoscopic Perovskite Solar Cells

Karaman, D.; Desai, D.; Zhang, J.; Tadayon, S.; Unal, G.; Teuho, J.; Sarfraz, J.; Smått, J.; Gu, H.; Näreoja, T.; Rosenholm, J.; 2016: Modulation of the structural properties of mesoporous silica nanoparticles to enhance the T1-weighted MR imaging capability.

Ihalainen, P.; Määttänen, A.; Pesonen, M.; Sjöberg, P.; Sarfraz, J.; Österbacka, R.; Peltonen, J.; 2015: Paper-supported nanostructured ultrathin gold film electrodes - characterization and functionalization.

Koskela, J.; Sarfraz, J.; Ihalainen, P.; Määttänen, A.; Pulkkinen, P.; Tenhu, H.; Nieminen, T.; Kilpelä, A.; Peltonen, J.; 2015: Monitoring the quality of raw poultry by detecting hydrogen sulphide with printed sensors.

Leminen, V.; Kainusalmi, M.; Tanninen, P.; Lindell, H.; Varis, J.; Ovaska, S.; Backfolk, K.; Mielonen, K.; Pitkänen, M.; Malm, T.; Rusko, E.; Hakola, L.; Sarfraz, J.; Ihalainen, P.; 2015: Ways for improving the safety of fibre-based food packages.

Sarfraz, J.; Juvonen, H.; Oja, T.; Määttänen, A.; Riihimaki, T.; Kulomaa, M.; Vuorela, P.; Fallarero, A.; Peltonen, J.; Ihalainen, P.; 2015: Protein and bacterial interactions with nanostructured polymer coatings.

Sarfraz, J.; Määttänen, A.; Törngren, B.; Pesonen, M.; Peltonen, J.; Ihalainen, P.; 2015: Sub-ppm electrical detection of hydrogen sulfide gas at room temperature based on printed copper acetate-gold nanoparticle composite films

Wirtanen, T.; Makela, M.; Sarfraz, J.; Ihalainen, P.; Hietala, S.; Michele, M.; Helaja, J.; 2015: Carbocatalysed oxidative Csp2-Csp2 homocouplings of benzo-fused heterocycles.

Gulin-Sarfraz, T.; Sarfraz, J.; Karaman, D. ?.; Zhang, J.; Oetken-Lindholm, C.; Duchanoy, A.; Rosenholm, J. M.; Abankwa, D.; 2014: FRET-reporter nanoparticles to monitor redox-induced intracellular delivery of active compounds.

Gulin-Sarfraz, T.; Zhang, J.; Desai, D.; Teuho, J.; Sarfraz, J.; Jiang, H.; Zhang, C.; Sahlgren, C.; Lindén, M.; Gu, H.; Rosenholm, J.M.; 2014: Combination of magnetic field and surface functionalization for reaching synergistic effects in cellular labeling by magnetic core-shell nanospheres.

Juvonen, H.; Määttänen, A.; Ihalainen, P.; Viitala, T.; Sarfraz, J.; Peltonen, J.; 2014: Enhanced protein adsorption and patterning on nanostructured latex-coated paper

Sarfraz, J.; Ihalainen, P.; Määttänen, A.; Bollström, R.; Gulin, T.; Peltonen, J.; Lindén, M.; 2014: Stable ink dispersions suitable for roll-to-roll printing with sensitivity towards hydrogen sulphide gas.

Sarfraz, J.; Ihalainen, P.; Määttänen, A.; Gulin, T.; Koskela, J.; Wilén, C.-E.; Kilpelä, A.; Peltonen, J.; 2014: A printed H2S sensor with electro-optical response.

Valtola, L.; Karesoja, M.; Tenhu, H.; Ihalainen, P.; Sarfraz, J.; Peltonen, J.; Malinen, M.; Urtti, A.; Hietala, S.; 2014: Breath Figure Templated Semifluorinated Block Copolymers with Tunable Surface Properties and Binding Capabilities.

Dax, D.; Xu, C.; Eklund, P.; Hemming, J.; Sarfraz, J.; Backman, P.; Willför, S.; 2013: Amphiphilic spruce galactoglucomannan derivatives based on naturally occurring fatty acids.

Ihalainen, P.; Majumdar, H.; Viitala, T.; Torngren, B.; Närjeoja, T.; Määttänen, A.; Sarfraz, J.; Härmä, H.; Yliperttula, M.; Österbacka, R.; Peltonen, J.; 2013: Application of Paper-Supported Printed Gold Electrodes for Impedimetric Immunosensor Development.

Sarfraz, J.; Ihalainen, P.; Määttänen, A.; Peltonen, J.; Lindén, M.; 2013: Printed hydrogen sulfide gas sensor on paper substrate based on polyaniline composite.

Sarfraz, J.; Määttänen, A.; Ihalainen, P.; Keppeler, M.; Lindén, M.; Peltonen, J.; 2012: Printed copper acetate based H2S sensor on paper substrate.

Sarfraz, J.; Tobjork, D.; Österbacka, R.; Lindén, M.; 2012: Low-Cost Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Sensor on Paper Substrates: Fabrication and Demonstration.