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Biography Diana Lindberg

I am a researcher working in the fields of biotechnology and bioeconomy with sustainable valorization of marine and agricultural by-products. More specifically, the work I have done so far in industry and academia is conducted within the following fields:
– Discovery and extraction of enzymes and (bioactive) peptides from marine and land-based animals, e.g. fish, shellfish & chicken, and by-products thereof
– Up- and downstream processing of marine and agricultural biomass
– Enzymes in industrial applications. Primarily hydrolysis reactions utilizing proteases, esterases/lipases, and epoxide hydrolases
– Enzyme kinetics, assay development, (bio-)activity measurements
– Protein cloning, expression in bacteria and yeast, and recovery
I have a PhD in biochemistry/enzymology (Uppsala University, Sweden) and an MSc in Biotechnology (KTH, Sweden).