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Are microwave ovens used in the right way?

Dagbjørn Skipnes checks the use of an infrared camera to measure temperature distribution in a microwave oven
Microwaves heat food much faster than conventional cooking on the stove. As the heating time is shorter, achieving better quality of the food is also possible, claims Nofima Scientist Dagbjørn Skipnes Nofima, who has extensive experience with various heating methods of food.


Historic result

Mackerel is among the winners
The pelagic consumption industry – in other words companies which freeze or process herring, mackerel and capelin for consumption – had its best year ever in 2009. It was also a good year for the clipfish industry.


Vote for the future!

Anita Viga from Skretting was one of the participants who voted on the 25 scenarios for the future of the marine industry.
Twenty-five enthusiastic representatives from the marine industry used response indicators to vote on which trends are likely to occur and be of importance in the period to 2020.


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