Can clipfish of saithe become whiter?

The European market wants clipfish made of cod because it is whiter than clipfish of saithe. Fiskeriforskning will now study how to make clipfish of saithe as white as possible.

Last year, Norway exported 35,000 tonnes of clipfish of saithe, of which just barely 2,000 tonnes went to Europe.

Clipfish producers want to be able to export more clipfish of saithe to the high-paying European markets. But today, they are most interested in clipfish of cod because of its whiter colour.

Will prevent rancidity

During processing from raw material to clipfish, saithe tends to become rancid, which gives it a yellowish-brown colour.

"The new research project will attempt to prevent rancidity to the greatest extent possible", says Project Manager Kristin Lauritzsen. If the clipfish is less rancid, it will also retain a lighter colour.

Additives in the salt

The scientists will conduct tests where they add phosphate and various substances that counteract rancidity (antioxidants) to the salt. Thereafter, they will produce clipfish at both high and low temperatures to see which gives the best effect.

Previous tests show that the fish becomes whiter when produced at a high temperature, and these results are being followed up in the new project. The tests will be done using both fresh and frozen saithe.

The project is being carried out in collaboration with Bacalao Forum, and is financed by the Fishery and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund and Innovation Norway.

Contact person

Scientist Sjurdur Joensen, direct telephone: (+47) 77 62 90 77.

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