The pleasure of baking

Nofima Mat’s bakery has been holding a cake baking course for small-scale food producers. The participants made about 50 different kinds of cake over the course of two days.

Employees from three companies took part in the baking course. One of them was Sissel Brænna, operator of the guest house and inn Skjåk Turistheim and Skeid Kro.

“The cakes we can buy more or less ready to eat are the same as you find in many places, such as petrol stations and roadside inns. For this reason, we have been thinking for some time about developing a recipe for our own cake. This should be based on local raw materials, so we are looking at a meringue base with Skjåk barley grains, an almond base with potato and our hand-picked mountain cranberries as filling,” is Sissel Brenna’s happy conclusion after the two-day baking course. The inn she runs has its own bakery.

Easy when you know how

“We need to renew our thinking in this area. And it occurred to me during the course that everything is easy when you know how. We have had lots of useful advice and tips. The interesting thing now will be to see how much we remember when we get home and are left to our own devices,” smiles Brenna.

Nofima organises regular baking days for small-scale food producers. Previous courses included sourdough baking and baking in a wood-fired oven, and the latest has been cake baking. The cakes produced used various bases, including nuts, pastry and sponge cake, and were decorated with berries, chocolate and meringue. The recipes are sent on to the participants, who went home with their arms full of cakes.

The course was led by Kent André Svensson and Hans Helge Raae Olsen and organised through Innovation Norway’s Competence Network for small-scale food producers.

Ingebjørg Moland of Moland Bakery in Bø in Telemark runs a combined bakery and café.

“Of course it’s easier to buy a good deal in readymade, but my goal is for us to produce more ourselves. It’s more profitable and it’s much more inspirational,” says Moland.

Want to inspire

The aim of the course is to give participants a basic knowledge of baked and filled cakes. The focus is on making products simply and effectively.

“The participants find out about the raw materials and their different properties and about various pastes and mixes that can be used as bases. We also take time over decorating the cakes,” explains Kent André Svensson.

Raw materials and process optimisation  

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