Tasting products at home

Consumer tests are important for the food industry when it develops new products. For a product to be successful in the market it has to be liked by the consumers in the target group. The members of TasteNet Tromsø evaluate products in their own homes in a realistic and normal meal situation – a concept known as home use tests.

Many methods are available for consumer testing. One of these methods is home use tests. The advantage of home use tests is that the product is tasted in surroundings similar to the situation in which it will be used.

TasteNet Tromsø

Nofima has a consumer panel, TasteNet Tromsø, involving several hundred ordinary consumers. They receive a product and questionnaire and then test the product in their own home.

“Given that the members of the consumer panel have chosen to participate, the response rate is also high – nearly 95 % has been measured,” says Mats Carlehög, who is responsible for the tests.

One example of such tests is the shrimp dishes which the members of the consumer panel tasted at home (see link below – in Norwegian only).

International system

The TasteNet concept originates from the Netherlands, but has now been extended to Norway, France and Iceland. The industry wants to find out in an affordable manner what an ordinary family thinks about a new product. Understanding the consumers’ preferences, attitudes and behaviour is important. Given that several countries are participating, the project will also be able to provide information about the differences between the countries.

If you want to participate in the consumer panel or find out more, please contact Mats Carlehög by e-mail: mats.carlehog@nofima.no or by phone: +47 77 62 90 43.

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