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Crown Prince Haakon was briefed about the latest news in research on food and health, cod farming and capture-based aquaculture when he visited Nofima.

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Crown Prince Haakon was welcomed to Nofima by Fisheries and Coastal Affairs Minister Lisbeth Berg-Hansen and Nofima CEO Øyvind Fylling-Jensen, who provided a short briefing about the research group.

The Crown Prince then met scientists who informed him about the latest news within their respective fields.

Senior Scientist Kjell Midling, who heads the National Centre of Excellence for Capture-based Aquaculture, informed him about the concept that can be the fishery of the future: catch wild fish and shellfish, transport them ashore live and hold them in cages until it is time to harvest them.

Director of Research Arne Mikal Arnesen explained about the work involving cod farming. In order to succeed with aquaculture it is extremely important that the farmed cod has the right characteristics. Nofima runs the Norwegian Cod Breeding Programme in order to breed a steadily enhanced farmed cod.

Diet is of major significance to meeting one of our society’s greatest challenges, namely lifestyle diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Kristine Naterstad, Director of the research area Food and Health, briefed him about the work to help the industry to develop food for improved health.

Øydis Ueland, Director of the research area Consumer and Sensory Sciences, spoke about sensory analyses of food. Combined with other knowledge about the consumers, this contributes to helping the food industry in its work to develop healthier products that the consumers want.

“It was a huge honour and joy for Nofima to receive a visit by Crown Prince Haakon and Fisheries and Coastal Affairs Minister Lisbeth Berg-Hansen,” says CEO Øyvind Fylling-Jensen in Nofima.

“It was nice to meet an extremely interested and knowledgeable Crown Prince, and we feel we showed both breadth of competence and our expertise.”

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