Joint efforts to combat bacteria and fungi in biofilm

When bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms come together and create biofilm, they are much better armed against disinfectants, antibiotics and other stresses. Nofima, the University of Oslo and the National Veterinary Institute are meeting this challenge by joining together in the newly established Centre for Biofilm Research.

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Solveig Langsrud

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Microorganisms in biofilm can create problems practically anywhere. In premises where we produce food, pathogenic microbes can hide in biofilm and contaminate the food again and again. On our teeth, biofilm leads to cavities and gum disease if we do not brush it away. Bacteria that cause disease in mucous membranes, wounds and other places on the body may be almost impossible to treat with antibiotics if they are protected within a biofilm.

Nofima, the University of Oslo and the National Veterinary Institute have been researching into this fascinating area for the last decade and have had several major joint projects. They work well together and complement each other in terms of expertise and equipment. In establishing this centre we are formalising the partnership and showing our combined expertise to new partners and clients.

If you would like to read more about biofilm and the Centre for Biofilm Research, go to the Centre’s own website:

You can also stay up to date on what is happening in biofilm research on the Centre’s Twitter page

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