Nofima gains Professor of Seafood

The prestigious Wageningen University in the Netherlands has announced the appointment of Nofima scientist Joop Luten as Professor of Seafood.

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Luten will lead the university’s research on the relationship between the diet of fish and the nutritional and sensory (taste and smell) characteristics of fish as health-promoting food for humans.

“This is a real feather in the cap for Nofima and Norwegian research,” says Nofima CEO Øyvind Fylling-Jensen.

“Wageningen University is an extremely recognised university and is ranked highly among European universities. We believe that this appointment will be of great significance for Nofima’s seafood research and for our opportunities to further increase our level of participation in international research.”

The Wageningen University’s press release states that Professor Luten will focus on the fish production methods – primarily aquaculture – that reflect the consumer preference for fresh, nutritious, high-quality fish and on innovative market research in this area.

Luten will combine his position at Wageningen University with his scientific position at Nofima in Tromsø.

The Netherlands

Joop Luten originates from the Netherlands, where he gained a PhD from Utrecht University in 1977. He has worked as a scientist at the former Fiskeriforskning (now Nofima) since 2003, and has led several international projects and published a host of articles in highly regarded journals.

His scientific interests have primarily been focussed on technology and nutrition and the importance of seafood to consumers as well as focus on the entire value chain – both within traditional fisheries and aquaculture.

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