Outstanding cod researcher

Competing with scientists from all disciplines, Nofima researcher Marit Seppola has been awarded funding from the Norwegian Research Council’s program for Outstanding Young Investigators.

New bacterial disease threatens cod farming

Francisella is a relatively new fish disease in Norway and constitutes a major threat to Atlantic cod farming. The disease is most common in southern Norway during the summer, when the sea temperature rises. Cod infected with Francisella get white nodules on internal organs and then die after some time.

– In this project we will study the basic properties of the bacterium Francisella, saya Marit Seppola.

– We will infect fish cells and study how the cod immune system is affected. Are some parts of the immune system more important than others? Can we find something in the immune system that can prevent infection? We will also disable the immune system and see how the bacteria respond. This will give an indication of what is important to combat the disease, she says.

Talented researcher

The Norwegian Research Council’s program for Outstanding Young Investigators targets young researchers in all disciplines.

The main selection criterion is the researcher’s scientific excellence. The selection process also considers whether the proposed project is original and innovative, and includes international cooperation.

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