EU wants to know where fish is from

Lorries transporting consignments of fish into the European Union will soon have to document where the fish originates from.

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Kine Mari Karlsen

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The reason for this is new EU regulations, which come into force on January 1, 2010.

The new regulations stipulate that all fish being exported to an EU country must be able to be traced back to its place of origin.

Pursuant to the regulations, a catch certificate must be produced for each consignment documenting where the fish comes from.

The new regulations are designed to hinder the importation of illegally caught fish into the EU.

"The fish producers are getting many new challenges," says Scientist Kine Mari Karlsen from Nofima Marked.

"The critical points concerning traceability occur when the fish is split up or mixed."

She is participating in a project to find out how Norwegian stockfish producers will deal with the new rules.

Norway is still negotiating with the EU about how detailed the new requirements will be. The new export regulations will apply to all fish species with the exception of farmed fish, freshwater fish and shellfish/molluscs.

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