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Producing cooking food grade fish oil with leftovers from the mackerel filleting process

A new refining process developed by the Nofima research institute now enables mackerel fillet producers to manufacture a high-quality oil from the residual raw material. This is how value creation and sustainability can go hand in hand.



Processing through EPH provides new and better opportunities than current technologies for re-cycling proteins into foods, as protein hydrolysates can show e.g. nutritional, sensory and/or biological activity useful in e.g. innovative food products.


Targeted focus and big ambitions

Nofima is investing over NOK 8 million kroner a year of its internal funds to develop cutting-edge expertise in selected research fields. The goals for this initiative are both bold and ambitious: Nofima Food Research Institute shall be commercially useful, relevant, innovative, and at the forefront of international research within spectroscopy technology and peptide technology.


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Equipment for ingredient development based on biological materials

We have the expertise and equipment needed to develop and formulate ingredients based on biological materials, and to adapt such material for use in foods, feed and technical areas.


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