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Less potato waste and better food with new technologies

As we know, the potato is a versatile fellow which can be utilized in a number of ways. But can we also utilize the entire potato plant? We can make better use of potato peels, stalks and other waste by using technologies that both reduce food waste, have a low environmental impact and provide healthier and more tasteful foods.


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Seafood processing

When fish and shellfish is to be sold fresh, frozen, salted, dried or smoked, knowledge is required on how the raw material best preserves its properties and optimum quality. Nofima has extensive experience with the traditional methods of processing fish and seafood.


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Raw materials and process optimisation

Knowledge about factors that influence the quality of raw materials is required in order to produce food of stable high quality. Our scientists have expertise in understanding raw material variation, efficient production processes, rapid and precise measurement techniques and statistical process control and optimisation.


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