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AquaIMPACT is a EU-funded research project that integrates breeding and nutrition to increase the competitiveness of the EU's aquaculture of Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, gilthead sebream and European seabass, to ensure food and nutritional security and to satisfy consumers' demands for high quality seafood with limited environmental impact.


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What shall we feed the cleaner fish?

Cleaner fish are kept together with the salmon in the cages, and eat lice off the salmon. This is an important weapon in the struggle against sea lice. But lice are more like ‘snacks’ for the fish, and alone, do not contribute enough nutrition to support them. In a new project, scientists will acquire knowledge of the correct feed and the nutrition needed.


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Considerable investment in Norwegian feed technology infrastructure

The Aquafeed Technology Centre has been awarded NOK 30 million (3.7 mill. USD) by the Research Council of Norway, for research into fish feed. The centre will contribute to knowledge about how raw materials in the fish feed of the future can be used in the best possible way during preprocessing.


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