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Saithe quality near fish farms documented

It's not only farmed salmon that eat salmon feed. Saithe and other wild fish that search for food in the ocean can be tempted to enjoy an easy meal outside the salmon cage. Here, some of the feed that is fed to the farmed fish gets through the net wall with the water currents and is an easy catch for hungry wild fish.


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Three strategies for adapting farmed fish to climate change

Climate change has already begun to significantly affect aquaculture, according to FAO. Although challenging, climate change may introduce opportunities for aquaculture if it manages to adapt. In an FAO symposium a Nofima research scientist, Dr. Panya Sae-Lim recently presented key adaptive strategies for breeding programs for farmed aquaculture species under climate change.


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Aquaculture in a controlled environment

Full control is a vital concept for the sustainable intensive production of farmed salmon, with good fish welfare and a minimum of risk. We are working at Nofima to achieve full control of the environment in which fish live. This enables the full growth potential of the salmon to be realised, and reduces production costs.


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