Mat er stadig mer populært som reiseminner. Nofima hjelper sjømatnæringen med å utvikle suvenirer som går rett hjem hos turistene. Foto: Bjørn Tore Forberg/Nofima Food is becoming evermore popular as a travel souvenir. Nofima is helping the seafood industry to develop souvenirs that are popular with tourists. Photo: Bjørn Tore Forberg/Nofima

Product and concept development

What is it that makes consumers choose seafood? This question is central to the development of new products and markets. Our scientists seek to answer this question and others related to product and market development.

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Portrettbilde av Pirjo Honkanen
Pirjo Honkanen

Research Director
Phone: +47 915 94 520

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Portrettbilde av Morten Heide
Morten Heide

Phone: +47 908 49 530

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Portrettbilde av Themistoklis Altintzoglou
Themistoklis Altintzoglou

Senior Scientist
Phone: +47 476 54 471

We offer:
  • Expertise in product concept development
  • Expertise in product testing in the market
  • Evaluation of concepts and products with various customer segments
  • Market knowledge
  • Methodology expertise
  • Industry-specific strategy
  • Entry strategies
  • Consumer research
  • Studies of industrial purchasing behaviour

We help companies to identify the desires and preferences of purchasers of Norwegian seafood. Based on this knowledge, we develop new product concepts together with the industry, and test the response in the market – among consumers, industrial customers and restaurants. The knowledge gained through this process provides a basis for companies when continuing development such that product concepts become finished products. Our research also contributes to discovering new markets and to explain market development.

Comprehensive evaluation of products

The perception that consumers and customers have of seafood products depends on more than the taste. Many other factors play a role, including origin, distribution, availability, the design of the packaging, labelling, information about the product, convenience, and sustainability.

A comprehensive understanding of market demands is required in order to be successful in today’s food market. We use a number of methods to evaluate products and concepts, and in this way identify what the market actors consider to be important for a particular product. This knowledge can be used to optimise products in accordance with the market preferences, and this increases the chances of success. We can draw on expertise from other research disciplines at Nofima, such as processing technology and the knowledge of raw materials.

Consumer research can identify the needs of specific consumer groups, and thus increase the success rate of product concepts. Such segmentation can be carried out on the basis of, for example, age groups (children, young people, the elderly), lifestyle, personality traits or attitudes.

Product testing

Nofima has long experience of many methods for testing seafood products, and how they are used by consumers, industrial customers and chefs. One method involves testing at home, where families are given the ingredients for a meal and get to try out products and recipes at home. Another method involves the use of focus groups, in which consumers from various target groups discuss product-related issues. We also carry out product evaluations in controlled environments, where it is possible to experiment with factors like the type of information that can be used in marketing a product most effectively.

In a number of projects we have also tested products with industrial customers and chefs. In collaboration with the shrimp industry and highly skilled chefs, for example, we developed recipes that were tested by selected Norwegian consumers. This resulted in new and exciting dinner recipes based on shrimps, and a completely new way of using this seafood.

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