Marketing strategies

Norwegian seafood has unique qualities that the industry can use in its marketing. Our research helps Norwegian seafood companies to identify such properties and exploit fully the opportunities presented by the market.

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Portrettbilde av Pirjo Honkanen
Pirjo Honkanen

Research Director
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Portrettbilde av Geir Sogn-Grundvåg
Geir Sogn-Grundvåg

Senior Scientist
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We offer:
  • Industry-specific strategy
  • Consultation in sustainability labelling
  • Market knowledge
  • Consumer studies
  • Product testing

Scientists at Nofima study different marketing strategies. We acquire knowledge about how companies evaluate markets, and how they adapt to structural conditions and requirements from both consumers and industrial customers.

We also investigate the possibilities for one product to stand out from the mass of products in a profitable manner, together with the strategies that companies should adopt to achieve this. We also look at the barriers faced. Our findings form the background to the advice we give the industry about various strategies.

Marketing strategies

We obtain knowledge about how the various properties of Norwegian seafood can best be exploited, such that companies gain competitive advantage and profitability. We have long experience in studying the effects of central factors such as price, product, distribution and communication, and we provide advice about choice of strategy.

We have been commissioned by the industry to investigate, among other things, the possibility of selling raw seafood in Norway, and possible differentiation strategies for white fish.  Our investigations have shown that British customers are willing to pay up to 22% extra for a packet of frozen cod or haddock when the product is labelled “line-caught”. The label “Icelandic” also gives a price premium, and there are large differences between supermarket chains.

Since 2009, Nofima has been looking at Brazil as a possible market for dried and salted fish and for herring. The market potential for dried and salted fish has increased in recent years, without Norwegian exports increasing. We have examined the background for this loss of market share, and revealed, among other things, a development towards evermore easy-to-prepare meals, and increased competition from countries such as China.

Marketing channels

A company must identify and exploit its unique properties in order to achieve a competitive advantage. We aid this process by investigating how it is possible to make your voice heard in the markets.

One important condition is the choice of marketing channel used to reach the end user, which may be, for example a supermarket, restaurant, or catering company.

The value chain

Nofima is leading an exciting new project looking at cod in capture-based aquaculture. Our scientists will look at how the value can be increased by storing wild fish alive, and slaughtering them when the price is high. They are examining the complete value chain, from live storage to the consumer, with a strong focus on quality. The project is being carried out in close collaboration with the industry and universities.

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