Nofima's research

Nofima carries out research and development for the fisheries, aquaculture and food industries. These are our main areas of research. Each research area is presented with contact persons, subareas and recent news.


Breeding and genetics

Our scientists have pioneered work in fish breeding, and have contributed to the ability of the Norwegian aquaculture industry to produce salmon now with better health


Capture-based aquaculture

Wild fish can be stored alive, which increases both the quality and the value of the catch. We work to improve both the technology and fish welfare.


Consumer and sensory sciences

Innovation in food is only possible if we know what consumers want. We carry out consumer research based on the sensory perception of food, or in other words, how we experience food through our senses.


Fish health

It is important that farmed fish have good health. Prevention is the best method to achieve this.


Food and health

We help food producers to develop food for better health. This may involve new products and improved production methods, or the use of correct packaging, storage conditions and preparation methods.


Food safety and quality

Our food should be safe to eat and of high quality. Our scientists work to secure safe food and sustainable packaging.


Industrial economics

Nofima surveys and analyses companies and industries within fisheries and aquaculture to be able to explain the development of profitability, production and structure. The knowledge gained helps …


Marine biotechnology

Our scientists have extensive experience within the field of bioprospecting, bioprosessing and scale up of processes in order to exploit and preserve value in raw materials from the ocean.


Marketing research

Nofima carries out research into the market opportunities for Norwegian seafood, and the barriers faced. This knowledge helps the industry to develop new products, markets and strategies, and …


Nutrition and feed technology

Feed is more than its purely nutritional content. It also concerns the dynamic needs of farmed fish, the production system of which the fish are one component, and the sustainability of the ingredients.


Processing technology

Consumers want healthy food that tastes good and is easy to prepare. Nofima is working with technologies and methods to ensure safe food that maintains a high quality as long as possible.


Production biology

The production biology department works with major challenges in the aquaculture industry, including salmon lice, escapes, animal welfare, sustainability and production optimisation.


Raw materials and process optimisation

Knowledge about the factors that influence the quality of raw materials is required in order to produce food of rstable high quality. Our scientists have this expertise.


Seafood industry

Our scientists gain knowledge about how we can improve the quality of seafood and how the fishing industry can increase the value of its products.


Examples on how research pays off

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