Scientists at Nofima study the possibility to reduce the complexity in packaging materials to increase the sustainability and recycle potential, and the effects on product quality and shelf life.

Packaging Pilot Plant

Nofima has a strong expertise in the interaction between the packaging and product quality. We develop sutainable and innovative packaging solutions and will be happy to assist with chose of packaging materials and methods, optimal shelf life and reduced food waste.

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We offer

  • Tailor-made courses in packagine
  • Testing of packing methods (modified atmosphere, skin and vacuum packaging)
  • Testing and advice on the selection of packaging materials (ex biobased, biodegradable, barrier properties, recyclability)
  • Shelf lift studies under different storage conditons.

The packaging is an integral part of the finished product, with great significance for shelf life, food waste, the choice of distribution solution and how the product is displayed and communicated to the consumer. The packaging facility can be used to test new packaging materials and methods. We focus on protective atmosphere, active and intelligent packaging and perform shelf life studies under controlled light and temperature conditions. Food contact material and regulations is covered by Emballasjekonvensjonen (EK).

This packaging pilot plant gives the industry the possibility to collaborate in R&D projects to develop good solutions based on their needs without interrupting their own regularly production.


  • Thermoforming machine for vacuum, skin and modified atmosphere packaging
  • Tray sealing machine for vacuum, skin and modified atmosphere packaging
  • Chamber machine for vacuum pouch packaging
  • Instrument for oxygen and carbon dioxide analyses

The pilot plants at Ås

The packing pilot plant is part of Nofima’s pilot plants at Ås, which also consists of bakery, vegetable hall, fish hall, meat hall and patogen pilot plant. These pilot plants are a venue for research, innovation, product development, courses, networks and teaching.


The Nofima pilot plants at Ås are part of the National Research Infrastructure FoodPilotPlant Norway. It also includes the process facilities at NMBU (Norwegian University of Life Sciences).

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